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Electronic Components Worldwide Company is a distributor of electronic components, industrial equipment and automatization of technological processes. We offer solutions that meet the specific requirements of the most demanding applications such as telecommunications, broadcasting, industrial, medical equipment, automotive, security systems etc. In addition to the distribution of electronic components, sub-systems and systems, ECW offers a complementary service that includes the development of custom design, demand creation and fulfillment.

Electronic Components Worldwide Company is the international trade show for electronic components, systems and applications and shows as the world's leading trade fair the full range in all its diversity in width and depth. It reflects the high degree of innovation throughout the industry. Exhibitors and users in the areas of systems, applications and technologies of electronics can receive the information of the latest innovations and developments in the fields of system peripherals, power engineering to printed circuit boards or EMS. The exhibition offer ranges from display on sensor solutions, power supplies, electronic design (ED / EDA) to software in electronics. It offers the combined expertise of the developers to management in nearly all consumer segments and user industries. Concrete prospects and strong business momentum are indicative for the fair, that offers national and international companies profitable markets, new industries and enormous sales potential from the automotive and industrial electronics over embedded and wireless to MEMS and medical electronics.


1. Electronic components from Unites States of America, Europe and Asian countires;
2. Industrial Equipment;
3. Automatization of technological prcocesses equipment;
4. Supply chain solutions.